Instant Ramen has been infamously known for years as the classic college food staple. When I first moved into my dorm as a freshman, I remember watching other students and their parents carrying into the dorms giant bulk packages of Ramen – every kind from Cup Noodles to Spicy Kimchi Ramen. Though it is fast and cheap, ramen is essentially all sodium and refined starch containing very little nutritious value. Something that will guarantee you gain your “Freshman 15”. Too much sodium is linked to various health conditions like high blood pressure, and we certainly don’t want that working against us when that big test or paper is due. So why do we continue to eat them? Because they have the holy grail of college meals Fast, Cheap and Tasty! But that thinking is so 1999. Now there are so many more “better for you” meal/snack alternatives that offer those qualities and more. Everything from fresh fruits, cheeses to prepackaged all natural meals like Tasty Bite.

Say goodbye to your sad instant ramen packages and hello to yummy and nutritious Tasty Bite meals. Tasty Bite is a brand of ready to eat Indian and Asian foods made from natural and organic ingredients. Their products include assorted dishes you would find at your favorite restaurants such as Bombay Potatoes, Madras lentils, Thai Vegetable Peanut and much more. Each pouch contains 2 servings, cooks in 90 seconds or less but won’t break your wallet. With Tasty Bite, you can forget about the ramen and enjoy much more flavorful and nutritious dishes made from real ingredients with the same convenience.

In college, there is little time to cook and even less time to cook Indian meals that require tons of ingredients. Your dorm doesn’t have a kitchen? Don’t fear! The only kitchen appliance you need is a microwave. Pour the contents into a serving bowl and it’s all ready! The meals are perfect for a quick lunch, dinner or a dinner date when you are short for time or it’s just one of those days where you don’t want to cook. Even better, it is an easy clean up! The packages are slim and flexible, so they can easily be stored anywhere, such as the pantry or cabinets.



Want variety? No problem. There are over 30 Tasty Bite meals which are excellent on their own, however you can add other ingredients for a more hearty meal. Pair main dishes such as Channa Masala with rice that Tasty Bite also sells in microwaveable pouches. I recommend brown rice, which adds plenty of texture and flavor. All of the meals are vegetarian or vegan so if you want to add a meat protein, try adding meat such as roasted chicken. You can also use store-bought or homemade naan to eat with the Indian dishes. If you’re eating with a friend, you can enjoy more flavors by sharing two different entrees.

If you’re feeling more adventurous and want to cook for yourself, there are many options. One of my favorite go-to meals is avocado toast with an egg. You simply toast a slice of bread, mash up half an avocado, and fry an egg. To assemble, spread the avocado on the toast and top with the fried egg. If you don’t have a stove in your dorm, you can use your microwave to make quick and easy mug meals. You can go even simpler with fruit kabobs or no back oatmeal cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth. The key to eating better is to make it simple and convenient by keeping healthier items available and easy to grab and make it a priority to do better.