In the blink of an eye, summer has come and gone and once again it’s time for the annual back-to-school rush. This can be especially difficult for incoming college freshmen, who are about to pack up their entire lives into the trunk of a car and into a tiny dorm room. Tons of new experiences, friends, and professors await them but in order to make the best of their time in college, it is important to know what to bring. Space in that trunk is limited so it is key to pack wisely. What exactly are the most essential dorm items?

1) Tasty Bite – Many college freshmen pack their bags with unhealthy snacks, such as instant ramen, for late night studying and drunk eating. Try packing Tasty Bite, a healthy alternative that features Indian and South Asian cuisine. Tasty bite is savory and filled with healthy nutrients and perfect for a late night snack or when you can’t make it to the dining hall. As college students have busy schedules, Tasty Bite is quick and easy to make; all you need to do is microwave the package.


2) Microwave-fridge combo – Every dorm room needs a microwave and fridge. A microwave is needed for most dorm foods and will be useful when you don’t have time to go to the cafeteria and want to make food in the comfort of your own room. The fridge component will be useful if you want to chill beverages such as milk or to store food items such as fruit or sandwich items. At your convenience, you can easily microwave a package or two of Tasty Bite. Have leftovers? Feel free to save it for later by keeping it in the mini-fridge.


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3) Mattress pad – College students often complain about how uncomfortable the tiny twin beds in the dorms are. Save your back some pain while protecting yourself from bed bugs and buy a mattress pad. This will help your quality of sleep, something that you will be needing a lot of this year! After all, longer and better quality sleep has been associated with better academic performance and mental health among college students.


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4) Shower caddy – The communal bathrooms of freshman dorms are an experience all college freshmen have gone through. Though it may be uncomfortable at first, it will soon feel normal. A shower caddy is an absolute necessity to transport all your shower supplies between the bathroom and your room. Keep your shampoo, body wash, etc. organized in a shower caddy that you can bring back and forth.


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5) Storage crates – Living in your own space for the first time outside of home can be messy and chaotic, especially if you have a roommate. Keep your things organized with storage crates. A lot of your things don’t need to be placed in plain sight and there won’t be enough room anyways. Organize your shoes, school supplies, and miscellaneous items in different storage crates. Colorful bins can even help decorate your room. You can buy them at Bed, Bath, and Beyond or any other home goods store.


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6) Fan – Most college dorm rooms do not have air conditioning, so check to see whether yours does. If not, you will need a fan to survive the heat, especially during those hot nights in the beginning and end of the school year. If you are expecting an especially hot semester, bring a standing and desk fan to cool yourself at all times.


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