We’ve all been a bad seed at least once in our lives. Maybe it was when you convinced your friend to let you pierce her belly button in middle school, or how about that time when you ate an olive at that salad bar before paying for it, or perhaps you simply skipped the line at the coffee shop. Whatever it is, no one is in the clear. Good news is, it’s never too late to become a #goodseed by planting Tasty Bite’s® Mesclun lettuce seeds and growing them to do some good. Just head over to tastybite.com/goodseed, order your FREE seeds, plant, harvest and donate them. You’ll be a good seed in no time.


How You Can All Help

By growing your free mesclun lettuce and donating it to your local food pantry, you are providing a healthy meal for one of over 48 million (that’s 1 in 7) Americans who are “food insecure.” Food insecurity forces people to eat less, buy cheaper, non-nutritious foods or skip meals altogether. In a world so full of delicious, natural food, we don’t believe anyone should go hungry. 

But the #goodseed action doesn’t stop there. You’ve got an additional way to do some good while making sure people get a tasty, healthy meal. For every photo you share with the #goodseed hashtag, we’ll donate $10 (up to $10,000) to AmpleHarvest.org in order to help them continue their mission of ending food waste and hunger.SEEDS

Tips on Growing

  • You won’t believe how easy it is to grow your own mesclun. All you’ll need is soil in a pot or container, just enough water to keep it moist, and 2-3 hours of light a day (either sunlight or indoor lighting will do).
  • You don’t need a giant planter to grow all your lettuce since you only have to plant your seeds 1 inch apart.
  • Add some crushed egg shell or banana peels to give your soil a surge of extra nutrients.
  • Mesclun lettuce is the gift that keeps on giving. When it comes time to harvest, you can just snip off the greens approximately 1′′ above the soil line and in about a month the plant will have completely regrown its leaves. You can repeat this cycle over and over again, and so your one good deed can provide lots of great, nutritious meals!