First-time campers should always be prepared for the great experiences that lie ahead, but there are few easy camping hacks that will help make your first camping trip a success. Whether you’re camping in a tent or an RV, you’ll want to do a variety of things to be prepared for your first trip. Here’s 5 camping hacks that apply to all types of camping:

1. Complete a Dry Run at Home: Whether you’re camping for the first time in a tent or an RV, you should always practice setting up your space in a familiar area. Use your driveway or your backyard to practice your setup. You’ll quickly discover if you’re forgetting something important while also ensuring you understand exactly how to setup your tent or RV.


2. Use Apps to Stay Knowledgeable About Your Environment: Unless you’re camping in an area with no cell phone service, use your device to your advantage. Cell phone apps can keep you up to date with weather, altitude, cell phone service areas, and even campground bookings.


3. Reserve Your Space: While boondocking in an RV or stumbling across a great tent camping site has it’s benefits, make sure you reserve your campsite as a newbie. Your first camping excursion should be in an ideal environment with minimal chances for error or poor experiences. Having your campsite pre-reserved gives you one less thing to worry about during the beginning of your experience.

4. Pack Lightly: Everyone always overpacks for their first camping trip and you’ll likely be no different. Keep it light – you only need the essentials and you always need less than you think.

5. Plan Your Meals: Know exactly what you’re going to eat for each meal during your camping trip. Choose simple, easy to cook meals that everyone you’re traveling with will love. Utilize prepackaged foods like Tasty Bite® to keep cooking simple. The next time you’re camping, instead of going for the normal baked beans and instant potatoes, try spicing things up with Tasty Bite, a healthy and delicious item you can find in most grocery stores and online, too. Tasty Bite® products help make quick, easy camping meals as simple or as complicated as you want. These products can be used to make effortless meals with minimal ingredients at your campsite. Be sure to check out some of the other Tasty Bite® blogs for recipes to get you started!