Our Ingredient Philosophy

Get the taste of Indian and Asian cuisine without ever leaving your home! For over 25 years, Tasty Bite® has been making fast, flavorful and All-Natural ethnic food. Our products are chock full of aromatic spices like cumin, turmeric, and ginger combined with hearty vegetables and slow simmered to perfection. It’s important to us that all our products not only taste good, but are also good for you! That is why every Tasty Bite® product is All-Natural and/or 100% Organic. That means clean labels, only naturally derived ingredients and no artificial ingredients! To maintain the high quality of our products we work closely to ensure that each and every ingredient is certified Natural and/or Organic and are GMO-free. 

Basmati Rice

Fact #1

Considered the world's most aromatic and longest grain of any grain variety, the word Basmati variously means "Full of Aroma" the "prince of fragrance" or the "perfumed one".

Fact #2

India is the largest producer of Basmati rice, all of which is grown in the northwestern regions of the country.

Fact #3

Harvested during the Diwali season or the Indian festival of lights, this has been around for centuries and was the favorite of the Moghul Emperors.