Real Ingredients

Some numbers tell a story. Some don’t. Consider these numbers the Table of Contents to a biography of your Tasty Bite meal. Each ingredient is a chapter, so go ahead and start browsing below to learn more!

  • 42 Pulses & Grains
  • 21 Dairy
  • 75 Vegetables
  • 75 Spices
  • 10 Dry Fruits
  • 6 Oils & Fats

Our Story

You’ve been introduced to your first Tasty Bite and you may have some questions.
Where does Tasty Bite come from? What ingredients do we use?
How do we deliver all-natural ingredients in a package without the use of artificial preservatives?

We have answers to these questions and more.
Let’s take a journey through the world of Tasty Bite to find out.

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