Camping Made Easy

Summer is upon us and many people are opting for outside adventures like camping in a tent or an RV. Whether you’re enjoying a campfire during a camping adventure or just having a family campfire night at home, there’s no better way to get your whole family involved in preparing a meal than coming together around the campfire. These simple campfire recipes are sure to be a hit on your next camping excursion or even over the fire pit in your backyard.

Breakfast Tacos

Ingredients (Makes 4 Tacos)

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

–4 Tortillas

–4 Eggs (Fried or Scrambled)

–1 Package of Tasty Bite Indian Vegetable Tikka Masala

–2 Cups of Diced Potatoes (Fresh or Packaged)

How to Make:

1)Scramble or fry your eggs.

2)Cook the potatoes in a skillet.

3)Add a package of Tasty Bite Indian Vegetable Tikka Masala to your skillet. Heat until warm.

4)Fill tortilla with eggs and Tasty Bite with potatoes mixture.

Layered Veggie Burrito Bowl

Ingredients (Makes 4 Bowls)

Prep Time: 10 Minutes

4 Cups of Lettuce

1 Package of Tasty Bite Indian Madras Lentils

1 Cup of Guacamole

2 Cups of Mixed Veggies


1) Create a base layer of shredded lettuce.

2) Heat up Tasty Bite Indian Madras Lentils and add a layer to your burrito bowl.

3) Add your mixed vegetables.

4) Top with a scoop of guacamole.


Spicy Pasta with A Twist

Ingredients (Makes 3-4 Servings)

Prep Time: 30 Minutes

1 16 Ounce Box of Rotini Pasta

1 24 Ounce Jar of Pasta Sauce

1 Package of Tasty Bite Indian Vindalo


1) Begin cooking your rotini pasta in one pot and your pasta sauce in another.

2) Add a package of Tasty Bite Indian Vindalo to your pasta sauce, mix, and continue heating until warm through.

3) Once your pasta is cooked and plated, add the warm pasta sauce mixed with Indian Vindalo on top for a simple, spicy pasta dish.

Campfires are great for cooking more than just s’mores. Bring your family and friends together for a campfire cookout to mix things up this summer. Use simple ingredients to create unique campfire meals. Tasty Bite products are a great way to add flavor and spice to your campfire meals and you can find them in most grocery stores or even online. Visit the other Tasty Bite blog posts for even more recipes to spark your imagination.


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